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  • Title: Genetrade - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Tel: +372 6517072 /.. info@runforest.. ee.. Home.. About us.. Our Products.. Media.. Contact.. SAUNA GOODS.. In Northern countries saunas have been used for centuries for its well known health benefits including stress relief, muscle relaxation, skin cleansing, improving heart activity, burning calories, improving immune system and much much more.. Sauna has been a holy place for Estonians for thousands of years – both birth and death took usually part in sauna.. SIBERIAN LARCH DECKING.. We believe that Siberian larch is one of the best wood species to use for decking.. Tight yearrings and specific resin makes the wood most  ...   not need additional treatment as it is naturally durable, but if you wish to maintain beautiful wood color you can treat it with regular sunscreen oil.. BIRCH SAWN TIMBER.. European white birch is an excellent wood specie.. There is little it has not been used for.. The biggest and most valuable round logs are turned to veneer, normal sized logs are sawn, smaller pulped for paper, yet smaller burned to charcoal.. Nothing goes to waste!.. Our Products.. Siberian Larch.. Sauna Goods.. Birch.. Thermowood.. All products.. Find quickly.. About us.. Contact.. Address.. Runforest OÜ.. Tammsaare 47.. 11316 Tallinn.. Estonia.. Tel: +372 6517072..

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  • Title: Genetrade - About us
    Descriptive info: /.. Runforest OÜ is one of the leading harwood sawn and plain timber material production company in Nordic Countries.. Our official trademark is called Genetrade.. Main activities are extensive wood supply, processing, promotion of raw material and search for new potential usage possibilities.. We have long-term experience both in wood trade as well as in processing industry.. One of our key activities is exporting sawn timber material to Europe, USA, Middle-East and Asia.. On 1998 Runforest started to sell birch sawn timber material into People's Republic of China.. OUR COMPANY OFFERS THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS:.. Sawn timber from  ...   and flooring;.. sauna profiles and bench boards from and alder and aspen;.. We offer a competitive and reliable source of high quality birch timber in Baltics, Finland and Russia.. Our clients are cutting their costs by utilising the competitive wood and industrial resources of Russia and Baltic States through our well established system and production.. We hope that our webpage will give you a brief overview of our activities and offers ideas and thoughts of where and how our products can be used.. See available dimensions and grades from our.. products page.. or send an e-mail to..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Media
    Descriptive info: Media.. Siberian Larch Introduction video.. Read more..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Contact
    Descriptive info: Andrus Aasmaa.. Managing director.. Phone: +372 5041981 /.. Andrus@runforest.. ee.. Language: Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.. Eve Eesmaa.. Sales manager.. Phone: +372 5122432 /.. Eve@runforest.. Languages: Estonian, English, German, Russian and Finnish.. Contact info.. Tammsaare 47,.. 11316 Tallinn, Estonia.. Phone : +372 6517072..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Main Categories - Sauna Goods
    Descriptive info: Main Categories.. Sauna Goods.. Hot Finnish sauna is known all over the world.. It is also the most popular type of saunas in Estonia, besides that we also have barrel saunas, hot tubs, infra-red saunas, tent saunas, steam saunas and our old traditional smoke saunas.. Genetrade Eesti OÜ is offering sauna bench boards and wall cladding made  ...   these species are especcially popular in Baltics, Finland and Russia – in countries where healthy benefits of saunas are being most enjoyed!.. ASK for a QUOTE.. Related products.. Sauna Bench Boards Aspen.. Sauna Bench Boards Alder.. Sauna Bench Boards Thermo Aspen.. Sauna Cladding Aspen.. Sauna Cladding Alder.. Sauna Cladding Thermo Aspen.. Product Pictures/Videos.. Warehouse.. Alder cladding.. Larch.. Sauna..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Main Categories - Siberian Larch
    Descriptive info: Siberian Larch.. Siberian Larch is a rare type of wood: it will retain its qualities without any chemical processing or finishing for centuries.. It is one of the most durable types of wood in terms of weather conditions, primarily due to its unique gum content.. The gum is distributed very evenly between the fibres of the wood, which has an antiseptic effect, protecting it against moisture and insects.. Larch is more weather-proof than the majority of local wood types.. Over time its resilience and density will only grow.. Thanks to its high gum content, Siberian larch can be  ...   larch is also one of the best solutions when there are strict requirements regarding formaldehydes, as in products designed for children, for example wooden playground equipment.. Siberian larch is a highly ecological, people-friendly and warm building material.. It is widely used in Europe in the construction of terraces and as a covering material for the facades of buildings.. It is virtually irreplaceable in situations where chemical finishing of wood is not permitted but its durability in all weather conditions must be guaranteed.. Siberian Larch Decking.. Siberian Larch Sawn Timber.. Siberian Larch Cladding.. Planing larch.. Siberian larch decking.. Production..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Main Categories - Birch
    Descriptive info: Birch.. Birch is even colour, with a white or light reddish-brown tone, and the heartwood is not clearly distinguishable.. In terms of strength it is similar to European beech (Fagus).. The wood is resilient, but also elastic and ideal for processing and finishing, which makes it perfect for use in the production of plywood, furniture and skis.. Birch is often used in Europe, USA and Asia for living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and for the frames of upholstered furnishing..  ...   and grades.. Our wood is being slowly and carefully kiln dried with special kilning programs maintaining desired white color of birch, avoiding cracks and deformation and achieving equal moisture level.. Sawn goods are being graded in order to make the most out of the wood in best economical way.. We have special grades developed to suit best for the cabinet, finger-jointing, sofa frames and many more.. Birch A grade.. Birch AB grade.. Birch Asian Frame Grade.. Red Heart Frame Grade.. Kilning.. Loading..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Main Categories - Thermowood
    Descriptive info: Thermowood.. Thermo-processing of wood is ecologically clean and environmentally friendly.. It takes place at a temperature between 170 and 230ºC under the influence of hot air and steam, without the use of any chemicals.. Thermo-processing emphasises the characteristic texture of any wood which undergoes it.. By varying the length of the process the wood can be given different tones of brown.. The result of such processing is that the material achieves an even colour throughout the wood, becoming darker and more weather and rot-resistant.. Thermo-processed  ...   it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable.. The equilibrium moisture is up to 50% less than natural wood, which makes thermo-processed wood a better option for use in outdoor conditions.. In outdoor conditions when exposed to UV-rays thermo-processed wood will go naturally and beautifully silver gray without using its weatherproof charactestics.. You can use any transparent or stained UV protection oil on the wood, if you wish to avoid this.. Thermo Syp Decking.. Thermo Ash Decking.. Thermo SYP Cladding.. Thermo Ash Flooring..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Main Categories
    Descriptive info: Main Categories..

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  • Title: Genetrade - Media - Siberian Larch Introduction video
    Descriptive info: Siberian Larch Introduction video.. TEST..

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    Descriptive info: Errors occured!.. [Required.. ]..

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