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  • Title: GeekOut - Java Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: .. Programme 2012.. Conference Programme.. Workshops.. Party Networking time.. Register.. Venue.. Accommodation.. Tallinn.. Speakers.. Partners.. Become a partner.. About.. Organizer.. GeekOut 2011.. Speakers 2011.. Contact.. The Geekiest Java technology conference in the World.. GeekOut 2012 - Speakers and Java topics.. Rockstar Programmers.. Mike Keith.. Michael Hunger.. Oleg Anastasyev.. News from Geekout 2012 - Java Conference in Estonia, Europe.. GeekOut videos coming.. July 6, 2012.. Due to technicalities, the GeekOut2012 videos are late.. We hope to send videos to all the participants of 2012 in.. Wrapping up GeekOut2012: feedback, slides, videos pictures.. June 21, 2012.. Every now and  ...   last man standing.. June 15, 2012.. You might be resting from GeekOut 2012, but we never sleep.. We had great time, great speakers, awesome partners and.. Use the time wisely at GeekOut: Talks, Trade Show, Networking @ Party.. June 14, 2012.. The first Day of GeekOut 2012 is almost done -only Party is left.. while others are enjoying food and beer,let.. Media Contacts & Technical Assistance.. Kaisa Põldaas.. +372 653 6099.. Skype: kaisa2111.. kaisa.. poldaas(at)zeroturnaround.. com.. © 2011 - 2012 GeekOut - The Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe.. The Geekiest Java developers conference in the world..

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  • Title: Programme 2012 | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: Back to Home Page.. Are you ready? The programme is shaping up to be a great one (as expected).. Have a look and register.. here.. There is over ten rockstar speakers this year, enjoy!.. June 13th, Wednesday.. 10:00 – 17:00.. Kirk Pepperdine workshop.. Four subjects on Performance Tuning.. (Bolero 2).. Matthew McCullough workshop.. Git: Beyond the Basic.. (Bolero 1).. 20:00 – ….. Speakers Dinner.. June 14th, Thursday.. 9:00 – 10:00.. Registration.. TRADE SHOW.. 10:00 – 10:15.. Welcome to GeekOut! CEO of ZeroTurnaround, Jevgeni Kabanov.. 10:15 – 11:15.. Key-note: Edward Burns.. Rockstar Programmers.. Slides!.. 11:15 11:45.. Break.. 11:45 – 12:45.. Michael Keith.. Java EE Ready Now, Preparing for the Future.. 12:45 – 13:00.. Lightning Speeches by Trade Show Partners.. 13:00 – 14:00.. Lunch.. 14:00 – 15:00.. Hans Dockter.. Rocking the Gradle.. 15:00 15:20.. 15:20 – 16:20.. Matthew  ...   9:20 – 10:20.. Edward Burns.. He s *still* talking about that? What s great in JSF 2.. 2.. 10:20 10:40.. 10:40 – 11:40.. Michael Hunger.. Got a Database, Need a Query Language – Neo4j -[:LOVES]- Cypher.. (Grande 1).. Oleg Anastasjev.. Taming Cassandra.. (Grande 3).. 11:40 12:00.. 12:00 – 13:00.. Jevgeni Kabanov.. import continuous.. delivery.. *.. Ken Sipe on spock (Grande 3).. Joonas Lehtinen.. Using Vaadin to create HTML5-enabled web apps in pure Scala.. Jaroslav Tulach.. Hack into Your Compiler!.. Slides and source code!.. 15:00 – 16:00.. Ken Sipe.. The ACK and NACK of Programming.. (Grande 1).. 16:00 – 16:30.. Closing remarks (in the big room again :).. * The organizer has the right to change the time schedule and speakers without prior warning.. Don t worry, because the level will not be lowered in any case..

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  • Title: Conference Programme | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: Are you ready? The programme is truly a great one (as expected).. We have added the slides next to the talks for you to download..

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  • Title: Workshops | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: A day before the GeekOut, there will be workshops by.. Kirk Pepperdine.. and.. Matthew McCullough.. These events are separately from GeekOut and with a different fee.. * Both workshops are limited to 30 participants each.. * Fee includes workshop, lunch and coffee breaks.. * If you are also going to GeekOut conference you will.. receive 10% off.. from the workshop price, see the prices and.. register.. Kirk Pepperdine Subjects on performance tuning.. Time:.. 13th of June, 10am-6pm.. Cost:.. 400 EUR +20% VAT (incl coffee-breaks and lunch).. Location:.. Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn; Conference room Bolero 2.. Session will start with a brief introduction into performance tuning first principles.. Day will be spent performance tuning a number of prepared examples.. Each of the examples will present opportunities to further deepen your knowledge of how the JVM and Java works.. The session will also introduce a number of tools that can be used to fully charcuterie performance bottlenecks.. Topics workshop will cover will include memory management, some HotSpot and more hardware then any Java developer would ever want to know about.. This should be a highly interactive session with plenty of  ...   benefit developers appreciative of what Git s flexible DVCS model brings to hard-core software development.. Topics Matthew will cover include:.. * Using `git cherry` and its cousin, `git cherry-pick` to harvest and inspect commit-specific merges.. * Interactive rebasing with both the traditional squash, reword and edit, in addition to the new fixup and autosquash.. * Understanding the modes of `git reset` and how it affects, preserves, or destructs the history, index, and working directory.. * Searching through history with string, combination, and pickaxe approaches.. * Diffing changes past refactorings.. * Finding the original author of methods in refactored and relocated code.. * Administratively shaping history with `git ilter-branch` at milestones or after a Subversion import.. * Minimizing repetitive merge efforts with rerere.. * Controlling pull and push behavior with advanced configuration options.. * Manually editing the refspect and git config files.. * Pushing to and pulling from multiple destinations.. * Tag signing, tag merging, and signed tag business scenarios.. * Adding Git notes and their effective namespace use.. * Relocating chunks of work with `rebase onto`.. * Leveraging several other cutting-edge Git 1.. 7.. 9 features.. Register for workshops..

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  • Title: Party&Networking time | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: After day long talks and rockstar speakers, it is time to loosen up and network at a pizza beer party.. Join us 6pm downstairs at Amarillo balcony..

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  • Title: Register | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: Welcome! Registration is open until there are enough seats or latest until 11th of June 2012.. 250 seats are already taken by teams from over 35 companies from Estonia, Latvia, Ireland and Finland, so hurry! For credit card payment, go through Eventbrite in case you need to get the invoice for the company, you can add it in the comments.. You will get the participation confirmation after paying the fee.. We recommend to attend one of the two.. workshops.. as well world class speakers and a better total price.. All ticket prices include +20% VAT.. If you are outside Estonia or have more specific requests on invoicing, let us know info(at)zeroturnaround.. com!.. Show you are coming through.. Lanyrd.. For accommodation during the event, see.. accommodation options.. You can make this event into a small.. vacation in beautiful Tallinn.. If you have a larger group and/or cannot pay with credit card payment, send a  ...   regulations.. - once you have paid, the fee is not refundable for any reason;.. - if you cannot come to the event, you can ask us to change the name of the participant until June 4th after that we cannot guarantee a personalized pass to the event;.. - we do not publicize nor give out participants names e-mails to third parties other then sending geekout related news (incl program info, partnerships, speakers) to given e-mails;.. - we will use the facts about positions of the participants as statistics (X number of developers, X number of architects) publicized in blog, press releases or other materials;.. - with registration you will give us the right to use the name of your company to be used in our press releases, blog and other materials.. Should you not want that, please write in the comments that you do not want us to use your companies name publicly..

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  • Title: Venue | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: The.. GeekOut Conference.. will be held in Tallinn, Estonia in.. Sokos Hotel Viru.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Accommodation | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: This is where our conference will be.. Book a room there via phone +372 6809300 or e-mail at.. viru.. reservation@sok.. fi.. Saying GeekOut2012 will give you the standard single room for 57 EUR and Double room for 77 EUR (buffe breakfast included, parking 19,20 eur/24h).. Payment can be made on site.. Also available:.. 16EUR hostel.. If you tell them GeekOut , they will  ...   Four-persons private room Sun Wed 56€, Thu-Sat 64€.. Single bed in a 6-person dormitory Sun Wed 10€, Thu-Sat 13€.. Room for one person Sun Wed 25€, Thu-Sat 28€.. Breakfast can be ordered on site, 6€ per person.. Be quick, this is a popular hostel!.. *.. Should you have any further questions or need help with booking, do not hesitate to contact us info(at)zeroturnaround..

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  • Title: Tallinn | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: Whether you are coming from Estonia or from accross the boarder, why not make it a vacation for yourself?.. Tallinn is one of Europe s most enchanting cities, with a blend of medieval and modern, with narrow, cobbled streets set beneath the spires of 14th-century churches, and a wild mix of restaurants, cafés, boutiques and nightclubs hidden in the carved stone walls.. Tallinn s nightlife rages until the morning, with steamy nightclubs, slinky lounges, expat bars and colourful gay clubs, all hidden inside the Old Town walls.. Culture seekers can sate themselves with choral concerts, classical  ...   see.. Delve into the past at Peter the Great s Kadriorg Palace, a baroque masterpiece surrounded by idyllic woodlands.. Or when the summer sun arrives, make like a local and head to Pirita or Väna-Jõesuu for a slice of beach action.. There are also coastal islands and a bizarre old cliff-top military base.. But don t stop there; you ll find plenty more to discover in this vibrant city.. So it says in.. Lonely Planet.. More turisty information can be found.. Have a look at Tallinn in.. 3D.. We have a deal for accommodations, see more here..

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  • Title: The Rockstar Speakers for the Java technology conference GeekOut in Estonia | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: Matthew is an energetic 15 year veteran of enterprise software development, world-traveling open source educator, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a US consultancy.. Matthew currently is the director of training at GitHub.. com, author of the Git Master Class series for O Reilly, speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, author of three of the top 10 DZone RefCards, including the Git RefCard, and President of the Denver Open Source Users Group.. Jaroslav Tulach.. Jaroslav Tulach is founder and initial architect of.. NetBeans.. , which is not just a well known IDE, but also the first modular desktop application framework written in Java.. Maintaining.. NetBeans Platform.. , its architecture and.. APIs.. has always been the primary focus of Jaroslav.. During more than fifteen years of participating in the NetBeans.. org project, Jaroslav has seen, made and helped to recover from many design mistakes.. Such experience obligated Jaroslav to sit down and summarize in his.. Practical API Book.. His.. GeekOut.. tutorial is going to be based on Jaroslav’s recent experience with making.. better with the help of compile time.. annotations.. Kirk has been working in high performance and distributed computing for nearly 20 years.. His focus has primarily been on performance, working on architecting, developing, and tuning applications running on Cray and other high performance computing platforms.. Kirk now specializes in Java™, where he works in all aspects of performance and tuning in each phase of a project life cycle.. Author, speaker, consultant, Kirk was recognized as a 2006.. Java Champion.. recipient for his contributions to the Java community.. Joonas Lehtinen.. Joonas Lehtinen, PhD, is one of the core developers of Vaadin, a Java-based framework for building business-oriented Rich Internet Applications.. Joonas has been developing applications for the web since 1995 with a strong focus on Ajax and Java.. He is the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework.. Mike Keith has been an object-oriented programming, distributed systems and persistence expert for over 20 years.. He is an enterprise Java and middleware architect at Oracle and has contributed to the last 3 versions of Java EE.. He is also the project lead for the Eclipse Gemini project that produces reusable enterprise modules supporting Java EE technology-based applications.. Oleg Anastasyev started his career in computer programming in 1995.. He developed banking, telecom, public transportation software as well as software for the government of Latvia.. He is a leading developer at.. Odnoklassniki..  ...   care of Neo4j cloud hosting efforts.. Good relationships are everywhere in Michael’s life.. His “real” life concerns his family and children, running his coffee shop and co-working-space.. die-buchbar.. , living in the depths of a text-based.. multi-user dungeon.. , tinkering with and without Lego® and much.. more.. As a developer he loves to work with many aspects of programming languages, learning new things every day, participating in exciting and ambitious.. open source projects.. and contributing to different programming related books.. Michael is also an active editor and interviewer at.. InfoQ.. Ken Sipe.. Ken has been a practitioner and instructor of RUP since the late 1990s, and an extreme programmer and coach since the middle 2000s.. Ken has worked with Fortune 500 companies to small startups in the roles of developer, designer, application architect and enterprise architect.. Ken’s current focus is on enterprise system automation and continuous delivery systems.. Ken is an international speaker on the subject of software engineering speaking at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, Jax-India, and The Strange Loop.. He is a regular speaker with NFJS where he is best known for his architecture and security hacking talks.. In 2009, Ken was honored by being awarded the JavaOne Rockstar Award at JavaOne in SF, California and the JavaZone Rockstar Award at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway as the top ranked speaker.. Ed Burns.. Edward Burns.. Ed Burns is a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle America, Inc.. and has worked on a wide variety of client and server side web technologies since 1994, including NCSA Mosaic, Mozilla, the Sun Java Plugin, Jakarta Tomcat and, most recently JavaServer Faces.. Ed is currently the spec lead for JavaServer Faces, a topic on which Ed recently co-authored a book for McGraw Hill.. Ed is an experienced international conference speaker, with consistently high attendence numbers and ratings at JavaOne, JAOO, JAX, W-JAX, No Fluff Just Stuff, JA-SIG, The Ajax Experience, and Java and Linux User Groups.. Hans Dockter.. Hans has 13 years of experience as a software developer, team leader, architect, trainer, and technical mentor.. Hans is a thought leader in the field of project automation and has successfully been in charge of numerous large-scale enterprise builds.. He is also an advocate of Domain Driven Design, having taught classes and delivered presentations on this topic together with Eric Evans.. In the earlier days, Hans was also a committer for the JBoss project and founded the JBoss-IDE..

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  • Title: Partners | GeekOut - Java Technology Conference in Estonia, Europe
    Descriptive info: We have partnered up with cool companies.. They will be present at the conference, so look them up!.. Trade Show Partners.. CloudBees.. turbo-charges the way Java applications are built and deployed to meet the rapid pace of business in an on-line and increasingly mobile world.. By eliminating the friction caused by provisioning, maintaining and administering complex hardware and software infrastructure, we streamline and accelerate the entire Java application lifecycle from development to deployment.. The CloudBees platform provides a rich set of services that are easily consumed by developers allowing them to rapidly build and deploy new business applications with zero IT administrative overhead.. CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small startups that want to focus on quickly creating new on-line businesses to large IT organizations that need to rapidly respond to new business application projects.. Backed by Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, CloudBees was founded in 2010.. Odnoklassniki.. is one of the largest and fastest growing social networks in Runet, having more than 100 million of registered users, and more than 33 million unique users are visiting the site every day.. Per 1 second in Odnoklassniki take place: 260 000 photo views; 6 500 messages and 1000 comments; 1 250 search requests, 80 ms; 30 000 push and 160 000 offline notifications; 2 500 posts on wall, 50 000 view.. Approximately 200 employees are working in offices in Riga, Moscow and St.. Petersburg, and our team of 60 Java programmers developes complex task for most popular high-loaded internet Project: 5 millions of online users in rush hours; 250 000 pages per sec, 50 ms; network traffic in rush hours: 50 Gbit per sec.. 100% of Odnoklassniki is owned by holding Mail.. Ru Group the largest Internet company in the Russian speaking segment of the Network.. Odnoklassniki is for 99% written on Java..  ...   t miss!.. Skype.. is software that enables the world’s conversations.. Hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses actively use Skype making over 700 million minutes of video / voice calls per day, send instant messages and sharing files with other Skype users.. If you have a keen desire to stretch yourself to support the delivery of great products and features then Skype’s the perfect place for you.. Tiit Paananen, Skype Estonia Site Leader adds Skype believes in universal talent.. Developers and testers focusing on task at hand are working in tight agile teams and choosing tools that are best to solve problem in focus.. That way we can get optimal solution to problem or opportunity.. GeekOut brings together folks around web technologies.. We provide opprtunities to connect that to on of the most scalable and complex backend infrastructure that is essential to make sure frontend works as it should.. Vaadin.. is an open source framework for rich web user interfaces.. It makes it easy for Java developers to create stunning web applications without any JavaScript or XML programming.. User interfaces are written in Java, but can run in any modern web browser without plugins.. This is achieved by combining server-side development model with Google Web Toolkit based rendering.. In practice Vaadin saves 50% of the development time when compared to Java Server Faces.. Vaadin has a really active growing community with thousands of users.. It supports huge number Java related technologies from Java EE standards to dynamic languages that run on JVM as well as most popular development tools.. There are over 250 add-ons to extensible framework.. Applications can be deployed to any standard Java web server, portal or even on Google s App Engine.. Vaadin Ltd offers professional support, services and add-on components to ensure success of web application development and make it even faster.. Information Partners..

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